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Professional Mask 


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Professional Mask Advantages

  • 100% recyclable

  • 3 ply 

  • Pressure Point Free ear loops  Tie Back mask  will be available also

  • Adjustable Nose Clip

  • Breathable

Meets ASTM-3 certification

3-ply made with the following

  • Inner Layer is made with absorbent material, like cotton

  • Middle Layer acts as the filter or barrier and is made of a non-woven high-density polypropylene

  • Outer layer is a non-absorbent material made of polyester

  • Can Be Customized


100% Recyclable

Recyclable containers provided free of charge

Let us help your company reach its sustainability objectives

Manufactured to stringent standards, using ultrasonic welding to secure our stress tested no-break ear loops

Recycling stations are regularly collected free of charge and sent to our recycling partners

Our recycling partners then convert the masks into post-consumer PP Pellets

It is the goal of Frontline Sanitizing to provide your employees and customers the safest one time use recyclable mask, as recommended by the CDC 


Click below to learn more about the setup and removal for your facility

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